Name this bit!

So this is the go to bit for one of the trainers I ride with…but he doesn’t know if it’s called anything special.

I’ve need seen anything like it. Looks like a hollow loose ring snaffle with a chain link in the middle.

Anyone know what it is called? Or what the main purpose of it is over other hollow mouth loose rings with rollers or something in the middle?

Any help would be much appreciated! :smiley:

Interesting. When I glanced at it, it reminded me of a Watson, but it’s not.

The center ink is called a lifesaver, if you google lifesaver bit you’ll see pictures. They seem to be more common on western curb bits.

Lifesavers have round centers. It’s called a “link” according to this site (chain link a good comparison?).

My experience that it is good for horses that have really sensitive mouths.

Lifesavers have round centers. It’s called a coronet.[/QUOTE]

Coronet is the name of the maker - looks like they call the bit a loose ring with link.

[QUOTE=Tiger Horse;7573327]
Coronet is the name of the maker - looks like they call the bit a loose ring with link.[/QUOTE]

I corrected myself. :slight_smile:

I corrected myself. :)[/QUOTE]


That’s exactly what I am looking for. Anyone know who has them in Canada? Anyone want to sell theirs?

Updated: Called a local speciality tack store and they have one left. How great is that!

Horseloverz has an international order line, so I would assume they ship to canada?

They do. The shipping is 25% more than the bit though. Seeing if I can find a bit (pun intended) of a cheaper option. :slight_smile:

I have one of these in stainless steel. (The one in the picture looks a tad more yellow.)

It’s a useful, simple bit. I can’t tell you what the link in the middle does that some other kind of loseng link would not. I bought it for the horse who had a fat tongue, but was soft-mouthed and needed fatness on the sides, plus the instability of a loose ring. Oh, and I think you can get some “whoa Right Now” if you need it. I think you can pull back and make the ring lying on the tongue do a job. But I don’t really know. I’m just making that part up from my experience of using this bit in different ways.

How cool. That makes sense that it’s good for horses with sensitive mouths. We have a lot of young jumpers come through and this is one of the bits most used for them.

It is stainless steel, but looks almost brass in the pic since the walls of the tack room are that yellow-ish wood.

I knew someone here would know the answer!! :smiley:

Picked mine up tonight. It’s also called a John Christian. $20. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow.