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Okie guys. I’m going to a little local show in about a month with my current project lease, and I need a show name for him!

He’s a 17hh OTTB warhorse (raced until he was 9!!!) that I’ve been restarting for the last 5 months or so. Barn name is Syd. Tall, gray, and a bit dorky. A neck 9 miles long and has the turn radius of a cruise ship to match. Always ready to greet you at the gate, follows you around like a literal puppy dog and begs for treats as much as one too. He has a lovely work ethic and will go from green, distracted thoroughbred that feels one strong breeze away from an explosion to ultra-focused professional as soon as you start giving him something to do - my trainer and I joke that he’d be the kid who raises their hand at the end of class and says “Hey teacher, weren’t you going to collect our homework assignment!?”. A real goody-two-shoes type.

He’s not particularly brave, but he IS curious - sort of like the kid at a pool party who really wants to do a cannonball off the diving board with all the other kids, but is too nervous to commit and actually do it and so ends up scooting out to the edge on their rear end before just sorta plopping into the water :joy: Sort of a Hufflepuff who wishes he were a Gryffindor. Needless to say, there has been lots of hand-holding with this guy to build his confidence, bless him.

It’s just a local show, and I try not to take myself too seriously so anything from the trendy one word “verb” names to “joke” names are all welcome!

Ready. Set. Go!!!

What is his JC name?


Soaring Cid

Intrepid Syd, a little play on his size and turn radius, like a battleship

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Why do I like Cannonball now that you mentioned it? :rofl: In two perspectives:

  • Committed per your goody two shoes comments
  • Can’t rewind a cannonball per your steering comment
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Grey, long-necked, goofy …

Goose breeds:

Breeds of goose

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He sounds lovely. Would love to see pics. On the “nerd” theme ala Revenge of the Nerds …
Or Dudley Aka as booger lol

I don’t know if Ice Age was in my mind before I read Syd, but

Sid the Sloth

Sid the Sloth is based on modern three-toed sloths and the extinct ground sloths (Megalonyxs). His origins involve abandonment by the rest of his family, which led to a solitary life before the beginning of Ice Age.

So my vote is Megalonyxs.

I also though about Sid the Sloth, although primarily because he lolls his tongue all of the time (he has been checked by the vet, it’s just his quirk I guess) and I always imagined he’d talk with a goofy lisp like in the movie :joy:

Megalonyxs sound a bit more sophisticated than “Sid the Sloth” lol I like it!

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How about something with SID in it, like Reconsider, Insidious, Considerate, along those lines?


Oh look! A dandelion! Must be the last one for the season!

gosh I love that movie…

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Cloud Cover
Gray Matter
Goody Two Shoes (go with your own description!) :slight_smile:
Touch Wood
Racer-X (from Speed Racer cartoon & the fact that he’s an Ex-racehorse)
Battleship Gray

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Consider how announcers might mangle the sophistication :smirk:
I showed with a Jr who show-named her horse Sophocles.
Which announcer made into Sop Hockles :expressionless:


:joy::joy::joy: This is actually incredible. I’m going to be laughing at this all week now


Love Magellan!


From a rock and roll perspective, how about an homage to the Rolling Stones tongue logo and call him Jagger?

Or maybe too on the nose, but Sid Vicious?

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I am totally dating myself, but your description brought to mind Arnold Horshack (Welcome Back, Kotter).

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I mean.

You could name him Evergiven.


He sounds lovely…
call him DreamBoat.
After You (like… I’ll jump in the pool… AFTER You)
Or (because of his color and his journey)
From the Ashes
The Tin Man


OMG! That was my thought too, Horshack