Narrow tree saddles

Our new horse uses a narrow tree saddle. We have an Albion jump saddle that fits perfectly but finding a dressage saddle seems very difficult. I need to find a used one because a new one is not in the budget.
Any other suggestions for what might be worth looking at? Or does someone possibly have one they would like to sell…
Thanks in advance

Older saddles tend to have narrow options.

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Most brands come in narrow medium and wide trees.

I ride a Dominus dressage saddle, and they tend to be narrow or medium as far as ones I see for resale. It is fabulous, so comfortable I use it for my trail rides.
Also most resale Passier saddles seem to be narrow or medium. If you like a minimal, narrow twist saddle, Passiers are a great choice.

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Stubben has narrow saddles. I currently have a 27 (narrow) for sale with Maryland Saddlery.

I see a lot of narrow Counties available. They can be in the upper range pricewise if you’re just getting started, but they’re awesome saddles and a great company to work with IME.

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Your quest would go better if you search for the width in inches or cms. One makers narrow will not necessarily be the same as another’s.

I have a medium tree Albion SLK but the HH model - fit my narrow, shark finned OTTB great. Its actually for sale to just havent posted it! Message me if your interested - if not def a great saddle to keep in mind - fit better than counties I’d tried in the past.

Different saddle makers define their sizes differently. A narrow in one brand may well be a medium or even MW in another.
And just in case, I’ll mention that high withers do not mean the horse needs a narrow tree. I have plenty of high withered horses in wides. :slight_smile:


I have a medium narrow County Connection for sale. It fits my narrow, shark finned horse quite well. Feel free to PM about it :slight_smile:

I have a Bates Isabella for sale. I have all but one of the gullets that it came with and that gullet is either the medium wide or the wide, so I do have the narrower gullets. You can PM is you have questions.

I’ll second no.stirrups; far too many horses are in saddles that are too narrow for them. My pet peeve is advertisements for saddles that are narrow and they say, “perfect for your TB horses”, well certainly not my TBs.


Still looking for a narrow? Have an Albion I’m ready to part with…

I have a narrow(-1.5) brown Amerigo , normal flaps, 17.5 I will sell. I used it on my narrow upper level TB