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Nashville Area Weanling Pasture Board?

Hi all, I’ve been a COTH lurker for years but it’s the exploration into the breeding world that has finally convinced me to start asking for help! I had my first foal in May and he’s everything I wanted him to be and more. He’s currently in Ohio on a private farm near my parents, however they’ve been very clear that as soon as he’s weaned it’s up to me to find somewhere to put him. I live in Nashville but ride in Murfreesboro so I’m fully prepared to drive a little if needed. I’ve been looking around for barns that have a program geared toward babies, or at least has other weanlings for him to socialize with, but I’m not having much luck. I thought maybe there was a chance that one of you either knows of a good facility, or possibly has a private farm with some youngsters that need company. My big guy will probably be weaned by October- he’s in a rush to be a grown up.




Just send a PM to Moderator 1 and let her know you paid; she promptly replied to me within a day or less :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! Changed the title and added pictures hoping that somebody has some suggestions…