Navy blue spur straps


Nothing like leaving things to the last minute here… I have new navy boots (that I am sitting here wearing, trying to break them in a bit.) It occurs to me that I don’t have navy spur straps. And that’s going to bug me.

A search of Amazon turns up some rather bright blue ones from Perri’s leather, that I think will be completely wrong,

I do have black with navy crystals somewhere, which I guess I can resort to if necessary, but that offends me.

I have a show in 2 weeks, so need to get something ordered stat, if something exists!

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Thanks, Highflyer, but a bit rich for my blood ($99 including shipping from Europe–for spur straps!)

I guess I’ll try the Perris ones and some navy shoe polish.

The Kingsley ones are only $50-- a bargain! I actually don’t think the Perri’s ones look that bad in the pictures.

I found one picture where they looked a bit bright, and one where they looked OK… I’ll report back if they actually arrive before the show!

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I’ve painted a leather bridle gray. This stuff works great.

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This is navy with blue crystals.

You’d have to experiment with a bit of leather you didn’t much care about, but what about just using navy shoe polish on black leather?

How about spur straps for small people? Yes, I know what a hole punch is, but I don’t like 12 inches of strap to wrap around my boot and that goes for nylon or leather. I wear a size 7 shoe but straps always seem way too long.


Tucci makes a lovely navy spur strap. They’re $37 on their website, but you would still have to ship from Europe.

Look up B.S. Leather Designs on FB - she makes a spur strap and spur cover, custom for $60 for the set! Small business for the win. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great suggestions!