Neck covers for the high set neck?

For those with the upright, cresty necked, large shouldered creatures, how do you cover the neck without losing mane?
I found a lot of threads singing the praises of high necks/wugs, but they sound hit or miss for this build. Do they just slip down and crease like a detachable neck?

I’ve been using the schneiders cutback fit on my Friesian-x but the neck cover has still rubbed out half his already short mane. Same problem with detached or attached neck (shires and rambos) in the past. I liked the idea of a lycra thingy without eye holes but the one I tried just slid down. Clipped in new england so we do spend a lot of time fully covered. TIA.

the only brand i could get to fit my mare was weatherbeeta, and only the styles with the shoulder pleats. the ones with the extended neck did NOT work, only the standard neck. but the additional neck covers on the standard neck fit ok. bummed because i’m a die hard rambo fan and those last forever… i’m only my second year into the weatherbeeta but so far so good.

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I just bought a Horze combo neck for my horse who can ONLY wear high necks due to his high neck set. I LOVE this blanket. It fits great. Well, that’s not totally true. His neck is big and deep so I had to add extenders for the closures for the neck to make the neck part fit. While he’s wearing it the neck doesn’t slide down at all, it doesn’t pull anywhere. I’m a new convert! The only downside is the neck doesn’t come off so at night I undo the front blanket buckles and fold the neck under the blanket for the night.

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how is the drop on the horze brand? most of the stock photos are on refined leggy types so it’s hard for me to tell :joy:

It is not long, but on my potato shaped horse it covers well enough to make me happy.

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cool, thanks!