Neck scarf/mask

Anyone have any idea about using wildrags or similar for a mask while in the warm up arena? Going to a show that will be allowing no masks in the show ring, but will be requiring them in the warm up arena, even on riders.
I am looking for something that I can pull up over my face, that has ear loops to keep it up, but then I can tuck that part down & will look like the standard neck scarf when I go in the arena. Anyone know if such a thing exsists & where it might be found?
(want the neck loops bc just pulling a bandanna up doesn’t seem to stay up/work well for me. want to concentrate on my warm up, not be concerned about getting my scarf to stay in place/pulling it up all the time)
thank you.

I don’t know about scarves with loops, but maybe get the scarf you like and sew on little loops yourself? Depending on the color of the scarf, I’m sure you could find dark/white/or colored elastic at the fabric store.

There were some gators with ear loops in another thread. I will see if I can find them.

This is a weird rule and I am shocked that any place would have a rule that you can not wear a mask.
Are they saying they are not required while in the show ring, but are required those other places or are they really saying ‘no masks in the show ring’?

Edit to add - I give up searching. Search function mainly gives me current events threads bashing people, not stuff I want to have to pick thru. I know the thread I read it in was not in CE.

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No, I meant they will be allowing you to not wear a mask in the show ring, but will be requiring one everywhere else including in the warm-up.

Not that they will be keeping you from wearing a mask in the show ring

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I have seen just what you describe at Walmart. They’re in the jewelry/accessories area (if they have them still. I got one for DH that was camo.