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Need a farm in Ft Lauderdale area asap !!

I am relocating to the Ft Lauderdale area soon from NJ and looking for a farm for my Dutch Gelding! We do dressage and I am not familiar with the area at all or with Vets or Farriers. What is most important to me right now is the care quality and turn out. He had an injury last year so we are taking it easy getting back into work. I nice quiet farm is fine as well! A stall with dutch doors or a stall where he can have his head out is also important :slight_smile: Any advice would be great! Any great reccomendations between Ft Lauderdale and Wellington would be great! ideally would like to have him close to where i am living but his care an happiness is more important! :slight_smile:

Galloways Farm is near Ft.Lauderdale.

No good recommendations from me, but I would look near southwest ranches or Davie. Very horsey and very close to Ft Lauderdale. I love the wellington/loxahatchee surrounding area, but wellington is about a 45-1 hour drive away from Ft Lauderdale. I know a lady in southwest ranches on 15 acres, each turnout is grass of 1 plus acre, and she has a very nice barn and arena, but it is private, so no trainers on the property. She may let you bring in someone. If you are interested PM me.
For a vet, if you are in Fort Lauderdale/davie/SW ranches area, I recommend Ashley Barnard. Very reasonable prices and great vet.
Let me know if you have any more questions about the area. I can give show recommendations, feed store, etc.