Need a horse looked up on APHA registry!

I’ve got a paint mare who was registered and her last owners lost the papers. People I bought her from didn’t know anything. I want to know her lines. She’s called Sugar. Found a horse that matches her birthday registered under “Sugar Star Cookie”. Just any into anyone can find on her please. I’m not a member member so I can’t look at all the info.

She’s a 2005 paint. Sorrel (chestnut, blonde mane normal tail) with a bald face and 2 white socks on her left side and a small white sock on her back right leg.

I’ve got pictures of her and a screen shot of what I found on the matching name and age.

I looked up that name on the APHA site and didn’t find any information. Where did you find the info you have?

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Same here.

The only Sugar Star Cookie I could find in any registry is an Appaloosa foaled in 1985. And without any documentation, how do you really know your horse was foaled in 2005? Is it possible that year could be off a little?

The all breed pedigree site

I mean it’s possible yes but doubtful. On the all breed registry site there’s a paint mare named Sugar foaled 2005. It’s noted she’s registered under sugar star cookie.

Anybody can enter or edit data on All Breed, so what’s there isn’t always accurate or even real. I’ve seen hypothetical breedings on there, teens’ fantasy horses, or ones for sim games.

You say your horse is a chestnut. The horse on that pedigree is listed as a bay roan (which doesn’t match what you have) but somehow by a cremello dun stallion (bay would be genetically impossible…any foals by that stallion would at least be single dilute)

I just looked it up on the APHA listings. Again. There is not a horse registered with APHA with the name Sugar Star Cookie.


I finally gave up on one of my horses. The breeder actually put the horse there and one time I was looking something up someone had changed the breed and the stallion. I changed it back, someone changed it again. I gave up. I have the horse’s papers, to breed registry knows what the breeding is, what that site has does not matter.