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Need a show name for a mini

Need a show name ASAP for a miniature pony. He is going to a horseshow in a few weeks to do lead line with a kid. His regular barn name is Morty and he is sassy but very cute! He is technically chestnut in color but he looks more like a buckskin/dun.

What’s wrong with Morty? You don’t need a separate show name.

But if you insist, Mighty Mort.

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Morty Dun It

All Time Low

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The name reminds me of the book “Le Morte D’Arthur” (The Death of [King] Arthur) by Sir Thomas Malory.

There’s a lot you can play with: place names such as Mortagne ( France) , Mortlake (Surrey England), Morte Bank (England), Mortola (Italy). You could go with Mortimer, Morte D’Athur,

How about Mortimer Snerd. He (and Charlie McCarthy) were the puppets of ventriloquist, Edgar Bergen

[Please tell me that others are old enough to know who Mortimer Snerd is…] For those youngsters who have never seen or heard of him, Google Mortimer Snerd — his picture is there. He is quite the handsome young puppet.


Short Stack
The Big Short
Short Mort

Tiny Tim
Ant Man
Mickey Mouse ??
little honey
hulk- just to be cute
Richie rich
MINI BUT MIGHTY- I think that’s perfect

what about mini mort? :lol:

How about Morty Mouse?

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