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Need advice on Antares pricing..


* Not looking to advertise in any way! Just hoping to get some wisdom from fellow riders… I need some advice for appraising my Antares gear. I’ve been trying to find price comparisons through sold items but there doesn’t seem to be many preowned Antares items on the market. I’ve purchased all my Antares gear straight from Smartpak or my Antares rep. Everything is in wonderful, cared for condition; some of the items have been used for less than a year.

Antares Sz: 2 (Full) Flash Noseband Bridle with Antares Fancy Stitched Raised Hunter Reins

Antares Standing Martingale

Antares Stirrup Leathers

And lastly, a 2010 17.5" 2D Med tree Hampton Classic; which prior to being discontinued was purchased from Smartpak for $2,600

I just don’t have a clue what these items would be worth in todays market… Any advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile: