Need an "S" name :-)

another vote for Sirocco

if you want to go with German, Sternenlicht (Starlight) or Sternenschein (Star shine)

I’m also fond of the name Stirling

Santiago has a lot of stallion power to it.


I think I would take his sire’s first name, Sir, and add to that. You could pull another name or derivative of a prominent name in his pedigree and add something else. Sir Harry ? Sparkles,
Sir Bon Henry, let us know what you choose.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted ideas thus far! I like the idea of starting with “Sir” because of the sire’s name and using a strong stallion name or derivative thereof from the pedigree.

The challenge becomes on the Dam side the most prominant names are Der Graf and Donnerhall. “Graf” I believe translates to “Earl”, so Sir Graf wouldn’t work and there are already a couple of Sir Donnerhalls.

On the side side, there is:
Furst Heinrich
Florestan I
Rubenstein I
Sir Donnerhall I (again)
Sandro Hit

I would like to give a nod to the Dam line, but I’m not sure how to incorporate Der Graf or Donnerhall. There are some recognizable TB names in there, but things like Sir Danzig sound German and dressagey even though it’s not a literal spelling of anything German (that I am aware of).

I thought about Sir Feinrich but I see Paul S. has already come up with something similar!!! lol.

Mind linking the damline? I could try to brainstorm a few other suggestions.

Here is the damlink:

Just spitballing here, some of these are pretty terrible but throwing out all the combos I can see in the hopes it inspires some better ones! haha

Sir Goldmaedel
Sir Koenig
Sir Graphit
Sir Grande
Sir Grafzig
Sir Koenigzig
Sir Danz
Sir Donzig
Sir Donnerzig
Sir Rubenzig
Sir Feinzig
Sir Furstzig
Sir Sanzig
Sir Florendanz
Sir Rubendanz
Sir Donnerdanz
Sir Golden Hit
Sir Südlich (Southern, a nod to “Dixie”)

Ah, I just read through again and see you don’t want anything Germany or dressage-y, which these are. I’ll leave them up for now and brain storm some more.

Those sound great! I’m ok with Germany-sounding or dressagy!!! My comment was about if I picked one of the TB names in the pedigree would it not be dressagey enough. :slight_smile:

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Dixie Chick… I love it. Looks like that was a play on the damline’s nod to music… :smile: Any favorite Dixie Chick songs you like? Sir Landslide? Sir Silence…? Or if you want to keep the music theme going, got any favorite composers…? Sir Stravinsky? Sir Haydn…?

Sometimes I think the stallion makes the name, not the other way around… I would never think “Secret” or “Negro” are stallion names, but neither needs any sort of introduction to breeders.

Spitballing the good and bad is the best way to get an idea you like!


Where comes the Goldmaedel idea from, this is a name for a mare.

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These are always fun!

Sir Dancelot - Dancer for short


Favorite composers: Rachmaninoff (Sergey), Beethoven (Ludwig), Schubert (Franz)
Sir Schubert, Sir Schubert G

Dixie Chick Songs: I don’t know much about their music other than what I hear on the radio, but here are a few additional songs that might be workable, translated into German
Sir Wiegenlied (Lullaby)
Sir Erdrutsch (Landslide)
Sir Lieblingsjahr (Favorite Year)
Sir Wahrheit 2 (Truth No. 2)

My brother said (1/2 seriously) that if I named him after a Bob Marley song then he would pay all show entry fees. Little brother has no idea…lol He likes “Trenchtown Rock” but I don’t know about that…

Sir One Love: everyone knows this song but maybe this sounds silly. Same when translater into the German Eine Liebe

Out of everything above, the following feel like they have a stallion ring to them:
Sir Schubert or Sir Schubert G: not super exciting, but not blah either
Sir Wahrheit 2 sounds cool.
Sir Trenchtown : I bet people would think this is weird, but my shows would be free. Little brother is an attorney and if he signs off on this, he knows he has to pay, or should. lol.

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Goldmaedel comes from the G-line and trying to incorporate it. As I said, some of those suggestions were not good ones, but I threw out a bunch in the hope they would trigger some better ones. :slight_smile:

Or DanzSir if the swap will do.


Easiest way to honour the stallion and reflect the personality of the young horse would be Sir Heinrich´s Sparkling Joy or something like that.

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There’s a Bob Marley tune called “Sun is Shining”–no “Sir” needed.
Or “Satisfy My Soul”.
Or “Stir It Up”

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Sir Komiker (Komiker is German for comedian)


and so on.

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Sir With Love

Names that stick with Sir and incorporate The Dixie Chicks:
Sir Tangled Heart
Sir Heartbreak (or Heartbreaker)
Sir Live Wire (from the song Let Him Fly)
Sir Slade

Bob Marley name ideas:
Sir Shot the Sheriff
Stir It Up
Satisfy the Soul
Sir Revolution
Sir Rebel Music (or just Sir Rebel)
Sir Crisis
Burnin’ and Lootin’
Sir Shakedown (Shakedown Party)
Sir Simmer Down
Fussin’ and Fightin’
Midnight Raver

(Not for a stallion but I’d totally name a mare Easy Skanking and be highly amused every time her name had to be announced at shows.)

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