Need boarding recommendations for Middletown/Myersville area!

I have an easy keeper Morgan gelding and we just moved to Middletown. I was spoiled at my previous barn as it was a private barn that had just a few boarders, a decent outdoor ring and a newly built indoor. Everyone there was mostly adult hobby riders.
I need to move my horse closer as I’m not getting out to see him as much as I should/need to and being an easy-keeper that’s not good for him. He’s doesn’t keep fit well either.
I work full-time and have a 30 min commute so I need a barn that’s within a reasonable distance (like 15 mins) from zip 21769. I know there are a ton of barns off Rte 26 off 15 North as well as just off 270 but during the weekday evenings getting from Middletown to these 2 areas of Frederick is not easy or quick. And I try and go to the barn at least a 2 or 3 weekdays each week.

I’d like to be somewhere between Boonsboro - Middletown - Frederick/Jefferson (as long as within 15 min drive).
I have found 2 places but either the care was lacking or the facility was a little over-crowded.

I don’t care if it’s a large or small facility - lots going on or quiet. I also don’t care what kind of riding the barn specializes in. I’m just looking for good, reliable, quality care - ability to stall my horse sometimes as well as turnout. A ring (preferably an indoor) but I’ll take quality care and barn over amenities any day.
Thanks for your help!