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Need hand-held blow dryer recommendation suitable to be used on pets

My Andis one gave up the ghost this afternoon, in the midst of drying my small, long-haired dog. Any suggestions for its replacement? I’d rather not spend $$$, as it will be used (at most) a couple of times per month, so I don’t require professional quality. I comb and brush him out while blow-drying, never let him air dry.

Would like multiple settings and a cool shot type feature. I guess I could just get one meant for humans, but the stand feature of the Andis was convenient, while it lasted (broke a long time ago), and I think my personal CHI one (for instance) runs much hotter and I know it is far heavier to hold.

What is safe temp-wise, is appropriate for dog hair, and is convenient to use? I did do a search, but couldn’t bring myself to read the Petco thread.


has seen years of service for me

I have this little one. Definitely not shop-worthy but suits me and my Pap at home. It draws low enough power to use in regular outlet without blowing a fuse.

Thanks for your recommendations! The B-Air sounds appealing due to the fact that reviews claimed it was more quiet than the Metro (I have a Metro Vac N Blow for my horses). My little guy has fantastic hearing, and isn’t a huge fan of cotton in his ears, so quieter is a selling point with me. But, the Metro is so light and made here, which are both great features, too.