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Need hay in Southern Maryland!

I am in desperate need of a new hay supplier for second cutting grass hay. We have been using the same person for about 4 years and the last two years the hay has been widely different in quality and the price has gone up every year for hay that is of same/lesser quality. We paid $8.00 a bale plus an $80 delivery fee this last load for small, weedy second cutting square bales of grass hay.
The quality and consistency issue is really what we are needing to change.
We are in Southern MD and need delivery to the farm. Square bales, second cutting, weed free.

Any names of people to try?



Here are links to two growers who specialize in horse hay and they both deliver. I have heard good reports from friends that have bought hay from them. However, most growers have a minimum load requirement. You didn’t say what kind of quantity you need to purchase. I’m in Southern MD and pick-up and haul my own hay. I just can’t stand buying hay sight unseen, it’s such a crap shoot. I also usually pay around $5 per bale for good hay by making the drive.


I’d try Dr Boyd (I don’t think he delivers) 301-481-3788 or Mike (blanking on last name right now) 301-904-1088