Need help deciding on a jump saddle for a shorty!

I live in Australia and have limited saddles to try near me as the distance between everything is so far, so I have to make an educated guess on what used saddle to buy and have shipped to me. I currently ride in an old old flattish seat Pessoa that is past its last legs. I like it okay but can’t say it helps my position much lol. I am 5” and find shorter flaps more useful to get my leg on the horse. My horse is a narrow medium tree but has a wither so most saddles I have to size up a bit to get to fit.
I’m deciding on:
-Prestige Meredith Monoflap Medium tree with 1A shorter flaps
-Equiline Nick Skelton Mesium tree with short flaps
-Pessoa Pro Legacy Monoflap changeable with more forward flap
-Devoucoux Chiberta Monoflap Medium tree but this one has regular length flaps so likely too big…

Any opinions?

Welcome to COTH! You might get more replies on the Hunter Jumper forum, as there are more saddle nerds there.