Need help figuring out eligibility for GOV vs ISR/OLD NA

Hello all!

Looking for some input on ISR/OLD NA vs GOV registration for a coming foal. Baby will be out of a GOV mare (inspected as a foal but not as a mare, so would be inspected and approved with foal) and an ISR/OLD NA licensed stallion (in the stud book for GOV as well but not inspected with GOV). Stallion will be working on getting his full GOV license with performance requirements but won’t have that until probably 2023.

Baby will have very quality bloodlines, all generations fully licensed with approved warmblood registries.

I’d love any suggestions on if people would suggest going with ISR/OLD NA for initial registration/inspections (foal would have full papers with ISR and be eligible for Premium Foal distinction), just doing GOV white papers and then applying for pink papers once stallion passes licensing with GOV (probably once foal is 1 or 2), or doing both. Pros and cons?

This Is my first time registering an Oldenburg foal and I’m trying to figure out which is the best option. This baby will be a broodmare prospect if a girl, and a stallion prospect if a colt, and will be shown throughout their life.

How can the stallion be in the GOV studbook without being approved or inspected? You can only REGISTER the foal with one registry. It can later be APPROVED by multiple registries it is eligible for according to the parents and their registrations/approvals. I am not a fan of the ISR. They broke away from the GOV because they weren’t maintaining the standards of the Oldenburg Verband in Germany so they lost their license and any connection. So, I prefer the GOV. If the mare’s sire is GOV approved she could be inspected and possibly approved. It would also depend on her dam’s registration and her type/movement. You should probably contact the GOV registry here and see what is possible?

Stallion is only inspected and approved ISR/OLD NA but has been accepted for approval into GOV Stallion Book 2 (not sure exactly how, but I did verify with GOV that he is in Stallion Book 2 which they said is part of StudBook 1). I talked to someone at GOV and they said that his offspring are eligible for pink papers and full registration but just not Premium distinction.

The mare was born into and inspected GOV as a foal and is in the main mare book for GOV.

HOWEVER - mare owner does not have an active membership with GOV and has not been paying any dues to GOV during the mare’s pregnancy, which according to their rule book means the foal will not be eligible?? Anyone have experience with this rule??

I’d prefer GOV to ISR but even after talking to them it is turning into a nightmare to try to figure out what we do with registration with them.

I think stallion book 2 is just certificate of pedigree registration. I.E. The mare is in the main mare book for GOV so her babies by unlicensed ( Book 2) stallions can get a certificate of pedigree. Not a Studbook registration for her foals with unlicensed stallions. It would be like breeding her to a Quarter Horse. The foal has it’s pedigree recorded but is not entered into the studbooks.

This is my take on it but I could be wrong. And sometimes you can pay the fees which the mare owner did not and get registration.

You should call the GOV office and speak to someone who can answer your questions.

Yes I agree with TKR. Call the GOV office and have them walk you through this process and ask them questions if you are not understanding their answers. I would not one hundred percent count on the stallion being fully licensed. Sometimes stuff happens or they get injured and cannot complete the process.