Need help finding hunter jumper barns in Dallas and OKC areas!

I am relocating to the northern Texas or southern part of Oklahoma. I am currently grooming and riding in Florida and currently looking for a job or barns in that general area of the Midwest. I have only visited that area once but need some help.
Thank you!

Might want to edit and change your title (have to click on advanced in the editing function) to give a more accurate idea of your location.

Midwest generally refers to anything from the western Great Lakes out to the Great Plains, Oklahoma is not commonly considered the Midwest and Texas is not part of any region…its just Texas.

I’d retitle it to reflect between Dallas and Tuksa/OKC because those are the cities with an H/J presence and will rule out unhelpful suggestions from Kansas City, Chicago, Des Moines etc.

Dallas options have been covered ad nauseum on this board. A search or the related topics listed below will give you a good starting point. :slight_smile: