Need Help Identifying Mystery Saddle

I bought this saddle years ago for a steal of a price at an antique shop in Colorado. It’s been sitting in my basement since. I am just trying to find out more about it and can’t find anything online. Hoping someone might recognize the maker mark?

Here is a synthetic by BT as well. Looks like a pretty low end and cheap saddle? I would be afraid to use it.

I couldn’t find out anything about who made it though. It was on consignment somewhere.


Hate to tell you, but this isn’t an antique. :wink: Based off your pictures, I’d leave it in my basement. It doesn’t look very balanced, unless the fleece is skewing things a bit.

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Looks like a light, low end barrel racing saddle, the tooling stamped, not hand tooled.
Hand tooled is done with a fine touch for the leather as you go along and it is supposed to help leather stay tight for long time.
Stamped can be hard on leather and may in places cut into the leather.
Probably intended for light weight kids in playday/4H games, not for serious harder riding.