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Need help picking a stallion for Fabriano/Prince Thatch mare - For a hunter baby

Please help! I have a 12 year old EMC Hanoverian maiden mare by Fabriano x Prince Thatch that I am planning on breeding this season.
Full pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/fonteyn+hf

The mare has shown very successfully in the 3’6 Amateur Owner hunters for the past five years and I am looking for a stallion that will compliment her because she is already a good mover/jumper with a great brain (although her jump/movement could be improved upon).

Pictures of mare: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lo2xqve6096klwr/AAA8BKbcDOH1k_gnlHkhcD0Ha?dl=0

I am considering the stallion Coriano, who is only available as frozen semen, does anyone know how potent he is, or had good/bad luck with it? Is it a bad idea to use frozen semen with a maiden mare?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


I see the prince thatch influence, but I also see a lot of her granddam, Finastra.

I would stick with stallions known to give you jump, plus a little type and without a lot of round movement in front. My first choice would be Lordanos himself. But lacking that, Checkmate is an interesting idea, and a Lordanos son like Lestat or Lokomotion.

With a 12yo maiden, start out with a full breeding soundness exam, that includes a biopsy.

I’ve always liked your mare. I’ll be interested in seeing what she produces.


I’ve always liked your mare. I’ll be interested in seeing what she produces.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for your kind words and advice, I really appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

love this mare! what about Balta Czar?

Your mare is stunning! I bred my chestnut hunter mare to Sir Caletto. The mare has a great jump, and I wanted to make sure I kept it. He jumps like a sper-freak, and his babies seem to inherit his beautiful bascule. I also needed to add height. My mare is also a good mover, and my understanding is Sir Caletto wil not detract from that. i have a great repro vet, and she was astounded by the quality of the sperm. Good luck… We have so enjoyed the process!

I love Sir Caletto and his jump (had one of his babies several years ago) but a lot of his offspring seem to be a bit, er, spicey (you see a lot of the ones, out of a hunter mare and bred for hunters) being pointed at the jumper ring as 4 and 5 year olds. Just an observation.

I tried breeding a maiden mare with frozen a few years ago, and she didn’t take (but repro vet said the semen quality was terrible). I am planning on breeding two maiden mares this spring, and plan to go with Fresh for both.

Your mare is lovely, I’m sure whoever you pick, you’ll end up with an amazing foal!