Need new farrier in Lex KY area

Our farrier is retiring, and I’m looking around for a new farrier for our farm horses. Mostly trims, a few front shoes (cold shoeing preferred), nothing fancy. No need for special stuff; no need for that kind of price either. A number of our horses are retirees, and all they need is a simple trim every few months.

Want somebody reliable who does a good job without trying to upsell or tell me what I need. Been in the business long enough to know my horses’ needs.

Can you give me some recommendations?

I have used Bryan Osborne and his wife and was happy with them. A friend of mine uses Steve Koch and raves about him. I am currently using Ismael Garcia because he is the only one that seems to be able to keep shoes on my TB’s problematic feet.

I used Dave Marlow and loved him!

Thanks, y’all - any other suggestions to add to the list?

Does your retiring farrier have any names that they might share with you?

Yes, but I’m looking for other options besides the ones he recommended.

I loved Bryan Osborne’s work the 2 times I used him but he stays very busy and stopped showing up for appointments. My friend used Ismael for a while and was happy with him. He tends to trim a little short (IMO) but if you tell him what you want, he will do it. I’ve been using Jeremiah Zimmer for a while now and have been happy. A couple of the other women at the farm use Jamie DeHart.

Out of curiousity, who is retiring?

I’ve had fantastic luck with Donnie Brandenburg in the past. He kept my very difficult to deal with and unsound horse in the best condition I ever had him in! He is busy though.

I just recently had my new horse shod up front by Jason Megredy and I think he did a great job on her.

I used to use Rob Spencer and he’s fantastic. Since I’m down to one horse, I’ve been handed off to his apprentice, Tyler Slaubaugh and he’s been doing a great job for me.

He’s not cheap ($140 to $150 for two fronts), but he does a great job and he’s very reliable.

PM me for his phone number.

Thanks, all :slight_smile: Will follow up on your tips.