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need North Georgia vets, and farriers

Im moving my horse back to Georgia after several years in Kentucky for school. Before, I was in the Lawrenceville area but now my horse will be in the Cumming/Dahlonega area. The vets and farriers I used before don’t serve the new area.

I want to hear the good, bad and ugly (please pm any bad or ugly :winkgrin:) of any vets in the area so I can be sure to pick the right vet for my horse. Same goes for farriers, but I need a farrier who as experience with shoeing navicular horses and corrective shoeing.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome home! You may want to ask the Georgia COTHers on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/180663465277661/ :slight_smile:

Not 100% sure he travels that far but if you can get him, Dave Purvis is an AMAZING farrier. He prides himself on doing the right thing for the horses and goes the extra mile for horse & rider. He’s even come out at 5am to reset lost shoes before a horse show!

I used David Eatmon as a farrier while I was there and he was great though I don’t know if he goes to Cumming. I was in Alpharetta and Woodstock. I had good luck with Equine Medical Associates but they have had a change in vets over the last couple of years. I also liked Carrie Porter who works with Dr. Ken Marcella.