Need Recommendations for Saddle Fitters in Tennessee

I am needing recommendations for Saddle Fitters in TN. So far, I have not had much luck :no:

I have gotten in touch with a well-known saddle fitter in TN, but after 3 attempts at trying to schedule an appointment and never getting follow up, I gave up on that. I’m not sure why this happened, but I hate to keep bugging someone about scheduling an appointment if they won’t actually follow through with it. :confused:

Anyway, I’d like some recommendations for saddle fitters. I do not care if they are well-known or not so well-known. I just would like someone that has experience with fitting wide horses, and someone that can provide unbiased, honest opinions/work. I have a saddle that fits fairly well, but just needs fine-tuning with the flocking.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • experience with very wide (I’m talking XXW, XXXW, 11.5" D-to-D), broad shouldered, hard-to-fit horse.
  • prefer an independent fitter (no specific company affiliations), or someone that is not biased with saddle brands
  • handy with flocking adjustments

I’m hoping to find someone soon! For those of you that have recommendations, thank you in advance! :slight_smile: Also, if there are perhaps fitters that I should avoid, feel free to give me a heads up here or in a private message!

Where in TN are you at?


Where in TN are you at?


Middle TN, Nashville area

PMing you!

Kate Wooten. english saddle fit is her company.

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Kate Wooten. english saddle fit is her company.[/QUOTE]

Second this. Lady does excellent work.


PMing you![/QUOTE]

Can I get a PM too? I’m having the same issues and I BET it’s the same saddle fitter.

I didn’t send her a PM of someone to avoid but someone to call :wink: If you want the info for the person I’d recommend, I’m happy to PM you that info.

Subira, I would appreciate a PM with your recommendation.


I know this post is a bit older, but I am new to middle TN and need a saddle converted to wool. Would love recommendations as well if there are others? @Subira can you send me the recommendation too, please?