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Need suggestions! Breeding Mare, which stallion?

I am planning on breeding my mare this spring.
Looking for warmblood stallions in Canada only, I am looking for a nice scopey sire that passes down his calmness and rideability to his offspring.
My mare is amazing, but I would like to have a horse with a little less fire than her.
Anyways let me know what stallions you know of that have a reputation of creating such offspring.

For now I have these as options:
-Delta Force (Diarado/Cassini I)
-Quidam’s Rubin DSF
-Banderas (Dreamscape farm)
-Lestat (Dreamscape farm)
-Quidam’s Blue (Equitop Farms)

Quilot Z (Quick Star/Pilot) just outside of Ottawa - amazing temperament and passed onto his get

We could offer far more insight if you shared some information on your mare and what you want to improve beyond rideability, and what you’d like to do with the foal.


Looking for a foal that would become a jumper and or hunter, a horse that could do both.
My mare has amazing temperament and is amazing at dressage. She’s 16.1hh and has a shorter back.
At jumping she gets a little more “intense”, much stronger.
I’d need a stallion to balance out that intensity at the jumping part for sure, that’s my main goal to the stallion search.

Definitely aiming at a horse that could easily conquer the 1m20 or up.

I’m not an expert on bloodlines, but for what it’s worth, I rode a horse this summer - a Holsteiner by Quidam’s Rubin - and he was HOT blooded; just a lion once we started jumping. He was brave, sweet, adjustable, smart, etc. but he really woke up once we jumped more than little single fences. I was told that Quidam’s Rubin produces more of a jumper, go-getter type. If you want a horse to conquer 1.20+, I’d say QR would definitely help get you there!

Are you only interested in fresh semen? I have frozen semen from several of my stallions already stored in Canada.

I’m expecting a baby by Rash R in the spring. He’s at Ironhorse Reproduction.