need travelling trainer

Looking for recommendations for someone who will travel to me in the Longmont area.

Have a horse that needs to be essentially restarted, & will buck when he’s panicked. He is going to be a long slow project, & I can’t afford to have him out at a trainer long term.
Looking for someone patient, & kind. Horse was really shut down when we got him, & now that he is coming out of that, there are huge holes in his training, some of which are beyond my ability to deal with.

Sorry that I can’t recommend anyone for you (don’t even know what state you are in - might want to specify that!) but I want to question you on what you hope to accomplish or what you want.

Do you want a lesson once a week?
Every day?
For how long?
Will that end up costing more money than just sending the horse off?

I understand you said you cannot afford to send the horse to a trainer, but if his issues are as bad you say they are and beyond your skill level … can you afford the hospital bills? And I don’t mean that snarky at all. Just in true concern.

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I can manage most of what he does. Just need someone to do the first rerides to see where the bucking issue is at. I am looking for someone to come out a couple of times a week, & I can work with him between times. It will likely be relatively long term, 6m-year, so at $1000 to $1200 a month to board out at a trainer around here I would expect someone’s help a couple of times a week will be less expensive.

If I can’t get to where he seems settled enough for me to feel safe, he will be moved on, or become a pasture ornament.

I am in CO

I doubt 2-3 sessions a week of a qualified trainer traveling to you would be less expensive then full training board…you are going to be paying for both training session and travel time/mileage…wouldn’t expect to pay less then $100 a session, plus you’re still paying to feed/maintain the horse at home.


I’m in Longmont as well but I can’t really think of anyone I know enough about to recommend. There’s a Facebook page called “Colorado horse boarding and training” and that’s probably the best place to ask.

Just remember in your search, horse trainers aren’t catch test dummies.
You might find a “cowboy” that’s willing to get on and ride out the buck but most trainers aren’t going to hop on and ride it out for you…they will want the horse in their consistent training program and check all the boxes before they climb on and sort out the issues.


Be aware, since you suspect there will be bucking, it might be hard to get somebody to come to you rather then have you bring horse to them at their own facility designed to safely accommodate their training needs. Also, there is a liability question should trainer get hurt on your property, assuming you own said property.

Consistency every single time the horse is handled is what solves issues like this and, IME, getting 20 or more sessions In a month from a single handler at a trainers facility is going to be cheaper in the long run then 2 times a week with 2 handlers spread over much more time. Its also got a far better chance of solving the underlying issues.