Need up to date eventer barn options Chester County are

I’m considering relocating to Philadelphia area and am looking for eventing barns SW of The city. If I worked in the city how far is it to unionville area during evening rush hour? Where are good places to live for me and board for my event horse? I’m amateur adult competing rated events novice level. I’ve searched COTH forums and only found outdated info. Looking for facilities that offer lessons/training, indoor would be nice or at least lighted outdoor, XC field with some jumps and have late evening hours. All I know of the area II is the competition venues. Loch Moy, Plantation. Any info helpful. Thanks in advance for information.

Off the top of my head… barns with eventers boarding

Radnor Hunt Barn (Susie Beale based there)*

Fylicia Barr (Unionville)

Dan & Kaitlin Clasing (Unionville)

Nancy Ligon (Glenmoore)*

Erin Sylvester Kanara (Cochranville)

Dom & Jimmie Schramm (Cochranville)*

Fox Crossing (Cochranville)*

Brooke Wren (Unionville area)

Nora Battig (Oxford)

There are SOOOO many I am forgetting. LOL

But these guys are all great. Ones with an Asterix have access to an indoor.



Expect to commute 60+ minutes in rush hour from Unionville each way to downtown Philadlephia. Further for Cochranville/Oxford.

Susie Beale isn’t based out of Radnor Hunt anymore, but she’s right down the road from it.

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I wouldn’t wish that commute on my worst enemy.


Although the Septa rail service is pretty good and even if you take it from Exton or Paoli it improves things a lot.


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Agreed that Septa Regional Rail definitely cuts down on the stress but not on the door to door time, between waiting to catch the train, walking to the station from your job, and also then driving deep into Chester County. Particularly for Kennett, West Grove, and Cochranville, you aren’t really cutting out the door to door commute time.

Having said that, the train is a much nicer way to commute in general! I do it from Malvern sometimes.


Depends on what time you commute. Still better than DC commute but most try to avoid peak rush hour…it is pretty bad.

I also recommend living out near your horse. As someone who commutes for years (and still do but now into Wilmington), you go into the office typically less often than you visit your horse.

there are a couple on that list above that I would avoid like the plague but most are fine. There are a ton of others (not my farm…we are full full full). But focus on finding right farm. Most people ship around for lessons easily enough.


The amazing thing about Chester County is that you have a number of upper level trainers who will let you ship in or will even travel to you on a regular basis. While I certainly can understand wanting to board at an “eventing barn” with a trainer on site, you certainly don’t need to for quality training.

I don’t know of anywhere else in the US (short of maybe Aiken or Ocala in the winter months) where there are multiple upper level event riders willing to travel to you for lessons at a very fair price.


You will need to do your home work to find a barn the FITS with your riding goals…make sure to ask for references from current and former students and spend some time watching lessons and coaching styles at local events…Some trainers will work better with students who are looking for more progressive UL careers…also ask for the Boarding Cost menus and see if you are permitted to choose your own Vets and Farrier and not just the in-house.

Susie isn’t at Radnor any more and the Clasings are relocating to Virginia, but lots of great suggestions otherwise! I would also put a plug in for Missy Ransehousen/Blue Hill Farm in Unionville.

The Clasings are leaving Hermitage??? Wow. Big vacancies across the street from each other.


Nah pretty sure Hermitage is already leased again for the spring.

Pennbrook though is mostly vacant.


Thanks for this info. If you think of any other possibilities let me know.