NEH Classes and score interpretation

Can someone give me a general idea of Fair to Very Good scores from a 3 yr old New Event Horse Class? IOW: is 72 Fair? is an 84 Good? Very Good? Is it like dressage scoring so if you subtract 72 from 100 = 28 relative to an eventing score? I’m just not familiar with how to interpret the numbers. Thanks!

The scoring is described at the botomof this page

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My question was for the New Event Horse, 3 yr old and under (in-hand) classes that already took place the last couple of years.

The in hand is actually the Future Event Horse I believe. In my limited experience the winners are usually in the high 70s to mid-80s, and most horses are above 70. Like any conformation class it’s pretty subjective-- a horse that did not win its qualifying class can go on to win the overall championship a few days later in front of different judges.

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Thank you!!

Future Event Horseis described here

More details are described here