Neighbor with balding dogs

My neighbor has three large dogs that live inside and only go out a couple of times per day on leash. For a while there, I couldn’t really tell, but I thought the dogs might be losing hair.
I happened to see one of them today. It’s their female. She is over half bald and her vulva seems to be hanging and distended. She’s a young dog.

They also have two intact males that are balding as well.

I live directly across the street from these people. If it’s mange, I don’t want my dogs to get it. I have three.

Should I call Animal Services?

Most common mange is not contagious (demodex). More likely this time of year is flea allergy dermatitis.

Not saying they couldn’t have sarcoptic mange but it’s rare.

I would not call animal services. They could well be under vet care or just have seasonal allergies.


I’m 99% sure they are not on vet care. It’s reassuring to know that that ails these poor dogs won’t be contagious to mine.

I wouldn’t go quite that far; it could be sarcoptic mange.

But it’s far more likely that it is not.

I agree though, if that is the only issue you see, I would not call AC on them. There are lots of reasons a dog may lose its hair - including blowing coat after after a false pregnancy, or after a real pregnancy.

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Low quality diet can also be at hand. Flea dermatitis, sounds like a typical pattern you discribe