Never mind the width, check the length

Stuck at home, feeling bored, thought I would try making a rosette wreath. I’m actually delighted with the result, and amazed that no collateral damage was caused by the glue gun!

I was feeling very accomplished until I went to hang it in the space I had measured…width ways, not length ways :laughing: :rofl:

I have another one to do, so will make that shorter, and now to look around for a long space to fit this one…


Very cool! Great idea.

Came out wonderfully, how about hanging it to the right of the place is in now?

You can’t ever have enough such hanging around and can move it around if your mood changes.

Lol if I can find a place for the high tech clothes hanger, AKA walking machine, you can see on the left, moving it onto the other wall would be great!

It came out lovely!