New Boot Help!

Hey everyone! I just bought a pair of the new Ariat Heritage boots and i LOVE them! They fit super well except for in the foot. The actual foot fits but they’re way too tight on the top of my feet if that makes sense. They press on the top of my feet and I’ve ridden in them 3 times and after every time i’ve ridden in them the entire top of my left foot goes completely numb for 2-3 days. i’m thinking that maybe they’re so tight that they’re pinching a nerve in my foot and I was wondering if anyone has experiences this or has any advice, thanks in advance!

Ouch! Take them to a good cobbler and have them stretch the leather above your instep. They will be able to see where its too tight on your foot and fix it accordingly.

Did you loosen or remove the elastic laces yet? They aren’t actually very elastic and can unfortunately do some damage if you have a high instep. You can replace them with regular boot laces.

I have the same boots and had the EXACT same problem when breaking them in…unfortunately I still have no feeling along the inside/top of my right foot nearly a year later :no:

However, what did break them in almost immediately was to slather oil along the inside top of the boot where it was too tight. About two rides later, they fit perfectly and now they’re super comfortable.

In hindsight, I’d return them or sell them and buy different boots. According to my physician mother, the feeling may never return in my foot :eek:

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! What kind of oil did you use to break them in?!

All I had handy was canola oil, so I would rub a good amount along the inside top of the boots where they were too tight and then would ride. They softened those areas almost immediately!