New Collegiate Saddles - reviews/opinions?

Hi, I am new here but with few horse-friends I thought I would reach out for some opinions on the newer model Collegiate saddles. I have seen some much older reviews of Collegiates with mixed reviews and was looking for something a little more up to date. I am in search of a dressage and a CC/jump saddle for my new horse, a 7yo TB gelding. He has ‘normal’ conformation, not narrow, not wide - wither is there but with a decent amount of muscle developed around it. There’s not much more info I can give other than he is just a normal thoroughbred with the appropriate amount of weight on him.

Anyway, I would really love to have a dressage saddle (for at home schooling) AND a jump saddle (for home and potentially comps in future) and have found Collegiates to be affordable / in my budget. Specifically, I am looking at the Collegiate Esteem (dressage) and Collegiate Honour (jump). Has anyone bought a Collegiate recently? If so, what is your experience in terms of quality, fit, value for money etc.? Does anyone know where they are manufactured?

I’ll also add - his previous owner had him in a Prestige jumping saddle, medium gullet which fit well. I will also be using an accredited saddle fitter.

Any reviews are greatly appreciated! Thank you

I have one that’s about 10 yrs old, it’s been a great saddle. But my saddle fitter (independent) said the new Collegiates are so awful that she quit selling them because they constantly had to be returned. She works with all types of saddles at all price points, so she has a big sample size of experience .