New Pony!

Lots of things here on COTH have changed since I was last here.

Since then my mare Tonks didn’t quite work out. She would much rather bomb around at bn and work the hunter ring.

This last weekend I made an 8hr drive to pick up a 17h 9yo Thoroughbred gelding. If you guys haven’t already caught on I seem to be drawn to the chestnut TB, diamond in the rough type. Woops.

In a nutshell he was bred and raced in Maryland, fox hunted in NY for two seasons, bought by an evener/pcer in Idaho, then again by a similar rider in WY, and now he’s with me in Montucky. He hasn’t really done anything more than school novice and go to a few little schooling shows.

I don’t have a conformation shot of him, but here is a video of my second ride on him. This is also his second ride since last fall. Don’t mind me at all…

Yes, I know he paddles, but I think part of that if probably caused by needing some rebalancing of his feet. He is pretty straight up front, so who knows.

Since I have only a few more years left of PC I’ve been on a mad search for my C3/B horse. If he only makes it to the C3/ Training, I’ll be okay with that but really hoping he’s got what it takes for the B. In the meantime he needs some TLC in the form of groceries and feet need some attention.

Let me know what y’all think!

He’s really cute. And so shiny! I’m a fan of the chestnut TBs myself. :slight_smile:

He seems very settled and sane! He will work with you. Congrats. Lovely butt! :winkgrin:

Very attractive! Congratulations. Coincidentally I had a ch. Caveat grandson also named Sawyer, and they have the same race record: 5-0-0-0

I like him. YOu have put a nice shine on him, and he seems very relaxed and sensible. Nice if not extravagant gaits, and rhythmic trot. Nice find! Keep us posted.

My horse of a lifetime mare is a Caveat grand daughter (her broodmare sire), she is fantastic and so is your gelding. A friend of mine who breeds and trains for racing had nothing but great things to say about Caveat horses.

He is adorable, good luck with him!

i like him! he is very quiet :slight_smile: that’s always a good thing, lol!!!