New pony!

In my unending pursuit of best feeding practices, I decided to bless my new pony’s feed pan with Triple Crown Gold Balancer. He is not impressed. Any suggestions about what I can do to make it more inviting? Or should I simply revert to the balancer his former human was feeding (Kent Sentinel Simple/Simply Lite)?

Is this just to make sure that he’s getting enough nutrients? Because then I would think one is as good as the next, depending on what his other main food source is–those designed for all-hay diets generally have different ingredients than those meant to balance grass.

What made you choose the Balancer Gold specifically? What other balancers do you have access to?

How did you make the transition between the two feeds? If 100% change from one to the other then I am not surprised the pony objects

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Appeared that Gold had most vitamins, minerals….

I didn’t have the previously-fed Kent feed, & it’s not necessarily easy to find. Originally thought I would feed Triple Crown Senior, but vet suggested a Balancer because the pony needs to lose weight & get in shape.

Simply Lite is much more similar to Triple Crown Lite, than to a ration balancer. So yes, TC Balancer Gold would have a higher nutrient profile, as it’s fed at a bit lower amount. A ration balancer is a better idea than a lite feed for horses who need to lose weight.

If you switched cold turkey, that can be the reason for the horse not eating it.

What else do you have on hand you could mix it with? If he likes hay pellets, start with maybe 1/4c hay pellets and 1/4 of the Balancer Gold, and slowly work your way up to the amount he should get based on his weight.

it may take time for the new pony to accept the new feed since it is unfamiliar to it

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Most ponies don’t need anything and if he is already overweight why not just good hay and a pelleted supplement if you think he needs something besides?

I’m throwing in a handful of Senior & a handful of Essential K…seems to be working….Thanks for suggestions!

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So you’re switching to the EK? Or using the EK to flavor the Balancer Gold? They’re both good ration balancers, one is soy-free which may be something you’re after. If so, Tribute also has Wholesome Blends Balancer which is soy-free, and also has the higher protein that Balancer Gold doesn’t have.

Using the Essential K to flavor the Gold…thought he might like the fenugreek, which I could add myself…Essential K might have more sugar than Gold….

It’s not always easy to find, but Stabul 1 feed is low-carb and intensely flavored. You can order it online, and I think they sell a small bag of “crumbs” for just this purpose. I have been known to throw in a handful of the crumbles, or a couple of the treats (they break up/dissolve easily in water) to tempt a horse who has otherwise caught on to the diet plan and is not amused.

Products | Stabul Nuggets & Stabul 1 Diet - NuZu Feed

Yes! I’ve been able to buy the Stabul treats from Chewy, and the neighborhood TSC stocks Stabul feeds which I will consider if the GOLD fails. And I have been using the treats and treat crumbles with success.

Cinnamon or Fenugreek?

Yes, I’m thinking fenugreek!

Any good reason to not feed Stabul itself?