New record! Dutton w/ 15.0

Phillip Dutton and Carlchen just beat last years 17.7 record in dressage at Pine Top. Anyone know if there’s anywhere to watch it??

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PD commented on the USEA post that he was hoping to be able to get the video to post on his Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see this! Any details on this horse?

So after watching the test posted on Facebook. I thought it was a softer and steadier test than I usually see from event combinations but ultimately ridden a little conservatively. It really showed in the lengthenings and the stretchy canter.

Any insight from the straight eventing crowd?? Phillip Dutton has and continues to be a lovely and quiet rider!!

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I take it with a grain of salt. One judge’s 15 is another judge’s 30. :woman_shrugging: