New Saddle...

I’m an event rider in Australia but I am currently looking for a new dressage saddle at a reasonable price. I am currently working with a saddle that is too small and it just isn’t right. I have very long legs(long femurs…) I’m about 5’ 10" I also need a 17 & 1/2 inch. I prefer brown leather but am just looking for something that is right. Any suggestions?

I think in order for anyone to make suggestions you will have to provide a bit more information. re: what type of horse it is for and what your budget is.

Horse(s) are thoroughbred and mixed with the thoroughbred type and budget is under 6k Australian Dollars. I have been recommended the Wintec Isabella but am reluctant as its synthetic.

With that budget (almost $4,500USD), you can get a heck of a lot nicer saddle than a Wintec. It certainly depends on the shape of the back, but you can find great, easy to fit saddles from a lot of the British brands–Albion, Black Country, Detente etc.

If you took pics of their backs someone might have more specific suggestions.

There are a lot of suitable saddles for TB types with that budget. Generally, I like a saddle that has deeper front panels to support the front without compromising the shoulders and laterally, not too laterally flat as most but not all TB’s have a more angular topline.
Depending on the longitudinal topline, some would need a deeper rear gusset and some a thinner one based on up or downhill or amount of curve from behind the wither.

I have what could be a perfect fit for you but it is black but I am in the US :no: It’s a black AGM monoflap. LOVE it but it only fits one of my horses. Fits my OTTB mare like a glove and is wool flocked (TB gelding of course has back issues and needs custom). I’m not sure you can get these new anymore though - it was brought over from Europe.

I would definitely steer away from Wintec - you can get a really nice new saddle with your budget. My trainer lives by Amerigo and Prestige saddles, and I love them too. We have mainly Thoroughbreds.