New to MD/DC area looking for an eventing barn

Hi! I’m new to the MD/DC area and am looking for a good eventing barn to take lessons and board. Does anyone have recommendations?



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Hi there, I would maybe search the area 2 eventing facebook page and search eventing barns in MD as there are several listed that might help you looking anyway. Or I’d post there too with the area you looking in. Good luck!

Where in the DC/MD area are you located - ie: are you living in DC and would be communing out? are you living in the MD suburbs? With traffic in the area where you are and which way you’ll be commuting to the barn makes a huge difference in terms of how long you’ll be spending in the car!

Also, what are you looking for in a barn? Trainer on site? indoor? trailer parking?


Reddemeade Equestrian Center