New to Showing, Arabian horse show standards for classes

Hi, I am new to showing and have an Arabian gelding I would like to compete with at local shows (Pony Club, 4H, Open Shows). What tack/attire will I need to compete? Class standards?
Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide me.

What do you ride? Huntseat, saddleseat, western?

The very best way is to go to a show and just watch, ask some questions, pick up a prize list. Rules/standards vary from region to region, out west it’s more towards QH standards, back east more H/J open show based. But get can be anything and they usually have something on the prize list saying " this show is operated under the rules of the xxxxxxx association".

Dont know what you show in or what seat you ride so can’t help with specifics, even if we did, these things differ region to region so the very best thing is to go watch. And join whatever association(s) put on the show(s), they’ll provide a rule book and class specifications to guide you. Usually more accurate then Internet generalities that may or may not apply to your area or the hosting organizations standards and rules.

Thank you for the advice! I will keep researching to find out what is available in my area.

I am looking into all riding disciplines, hunt and saddle seat, western classes, jumping, and dressage. I have a dressage saddle but do not have a hunt seat, saddle seat, jumping saddle, or western show saddle or halter.
I only have field boots, no dress boots and would need all of the attire for all disciplines.

The open shows I’ve attended do not have attire restrictions and you can use training tack. Check with your local Arabian club to see if they sponsor any open shows.

Q:What do I need to compete in the Arabian ring?
A: A quarter horse!

Sorry OP, that was a joke- about what is really no laughing matter. Namely-2 purebred QH were recently found to be registered as Half Arabians, after having won several national titles. There are so many knowledgeable Arabian peeps here, Im sure you will get good answers. If there are some professional or show barns in the area, I would probably make introductions and maybe they can give you some specific advice as well.

I agree with the others that have said to go watch a few shows. Watch them BEFORE you buy any tack!

I’ve lived in areas where Open, 4-H, and local “breed series” shows are SUPER laid back. No silver needed on the tack, people can win with nylon tack and synthetic saddles.

And I’ve lived in areas where the same type of shows have tack & apparel the same as QH World or Morgan Grand Nationals. Crazy stuff!

For schooling shows, clipping won’t be a big deal outside of neatening everything up, but for information on Arabian show trims, I’d start here:

A lot depends on what you’re showing in as far as what is/isn’t appropriate. Definitely go watch, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I’d need to know more about your gelding to determine where he’d fit in the show spectrum. Some horses can cross between hunter and western, but you’re not really going to see a saddleseat horse showing hunter or western at the same show. I would advise starting with one discipline, and buying quality equipment in that discipline, then building from there. It’s easy to be tempted to get cheap stuff and cover two disciplines, but then you have stuff that is more likely to need replacing much more often, and it adds up FAST. You can find affordable on places like eBay, but know the difference between affordable and cheap.