New Trauma Void Pardus Mips Helmet

Does anyone have the new Trauma Void Pardus helmet yet ?? Wondering how it compares to the Lynx?!?

I was looking at the Pardus online last night. It’s a nice looking helmet! I opted to order another Lynx, which fits me very well, because based on the pictures it looks like the Pardus sits up higher like the EQ3, which did not fit me at all.

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It fits a bit differently and is less comfortable than the Lynx, but is still OK. I found the Lynx very comfortable though.

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In terms of fit, do you think it is more or less oval than the Lynx?

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I ordered one during Safety Awareness week and I just got it last night–it’s a true long oval! It fits slightly more oval than the Lynx (which I can also wear) and the liner is comfier. The overall build quality is about the same as the Lynx, though I think it’s a more attractive helmet.

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So I have been running the MIPS page and concurrently only wearing Trauma Voids since 2018.

When we saw the Pardus in other parts of the world, the feedback was that it fits a bit different to the Lynx and the EQ3.

I saw and wore one the other day briefly and the first thing that stands out is that the liner is much thinner than the Lynx and EQ3 liners. The dial has been upgraded a bit and now has a rubber edge so is easier to turn.

When I put it on it’s similar to the Lynx, and had I not had the Lynx would likely have liked it more. But it’s not as comfy in all respects as the Lynx.

I think it’s attractive enough that it will find some folks who need it. But overall it makes me laugh to see it described as Long oval. When 4 people I know have put one on and said…

“It’s SO Round”

“It’s definitely Oblong” (as marketing described it)

“It’s not round enough”

“It’s not oval enough”

My takeaway is that no one truly knows the shape of their head or of helmets. So please just try things on and find what works.



Very fair. At the end of the day, fit is super individual…I just know that my narrow and tall head has tried on almost every MIPS helmet at this point, including those that supposedly work for oval heads, and the Pardus is the first that feels “oval” enough. But obviously someone else might think otherwise…head shapes really do vary! Btw I’m a member of your FB group and I love it…what a wonderful resource! :slight_smile:


That is so great to hear!!!

I’m glad it’s helping so many people.



I got the Pardus to try. I have a very oval AND tall head. (It does not fit well in the “long oval” One K, for example). I would say that this helmet is definitely a bit more oval than all the described-as-oval I’ve tried thus far, and would fit many oval head shapes well. And I think it’s very attractive!

It’s not as comfy as the Lynx (which I have long desperately wished fit me better!), but is more comfy than some others that I’ve tried.

The dial on this is not very comfortable for my particular head shape. It creates a very noticeable pressure point on the back and front of my head. (more on this below)

But I have an additional issue. I am ALSO very in between sizes (my head measures about 58.3 cm.) It makes dial fit very difficult for me. And here’s why.

The medium (in all brands I’ve tried) is usually a hair (or more) too small.

And then with the large I have to dial down so much that the fit becomes ROUNDER. That’s right. If you look down into your helmet as you crank it down, you will see it. (Some genius on another helmet thread mentioned this, and I was like DUH, of course.)

So with the large in the Pardus I have to dial it so much that it becomes the usual round sizing on me - it’s balanced between two pressure points (front of head and back of head) and wobbling side to side.

Potentially the medium in the Pardus could be the one medium that works? But I’m hesitant to do more back and forth shipping (and the Lynx medium was a bit too small). I may attempt to reach BOT to discuss.

And this is not MIPS particular. I have this same problem with all helmets. MIPS fits me as well (or as poorly) as any other.

For the record I have tried (often in multiple sizes):

Charles Owen Halo

Charles Owen MyPS

Tipperary Devon

Tipperary Windsor


BOT Lynx

BOT Pardus

One K

One K Long Oval

One K Avance

I currently ride in a MyPS* that is almost 4 years old (used in hot SoCal sun) so I’m looking for a replacement, but I may just end up back in it. Was so hoping not to though. I always get a red pressure bump in kind of an odd spot near the top of my forehead (no matter how I’ve tried to adjust it.) I had the same with the Halo (in the exact same spot) after 15 minutes.

*I will also note here that my MyPS did not “break in” and the pressure point when I tried it has remained for 4 years.

I do wonder if I could possibly go up a size in the MyPS and see if they have an oval liner? Maybe. But I also don’t love the look of this helmet on me. I did love the look of the Halo, but it’s too low profile for my tall head. It kind of smashed down on the top of my head, if that makes any sense.

ANYWAY - if you read this far, and have a similar head and questions or want to compare notes or ask my opinion on any that I have tried above, ask away!

Oh and one more thing - the BOT fit and measuring videos are very helpful, if you haven’t watched them.

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I would also like to add that Emily’s Facebook group is an amazing wealth of information. Go join it!

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