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New Tribute supplement similar to Outlast

Tribute launched a new top dress and block supplement. Seems similar to Outlast to me. The top dress does also have aloe and probiotics/prebiotics.
The block is seaweed calcium and alfalfa middlings.
I’ve gotten a block and Danny seems okay regulating on it. I like the idea of it overnight for my ulcery boy.

Interested on COTH wisdom and thoughts.

Here’s the spec sheets:

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Interesting, thanks!

I’ll be watching this. My guys get Outlast; I have seen the ads for this product.

I’m really interested in this as well. I’m feeding Outlast, but it seems like the price keeps going up where I am and if the Tribute Comfort Care just as good and has more like hind gut support than Outlast I just might make the switch.

I did get the block to my horses, but they just stand there and inhale it and I have to limit the amount of time they have access the block. Apparently is delicious! Maybe it will be less excited after a while.

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Has anyone tried this yet?

I’ve been using the same block since I posted this. My horse doesn’t seem impressed. But two other barn mates have tried it and their horses love it.
Is it helping? :woman_shrugging:t2:
It’s not hurting.

I have a friend who test drove it for me. It ran right through her horses and they never seemed to level out. She ended up taking the second bag she bought back. The manager said that was pretty common feedback and that most of her customers were sticking with outlast. The mineral block is really well received though.

What does this mean - diarrhea?


Same question to Live Wire that JB asked…what do you mean? Any other reviews ???

I’d like know what this means as well.