New Tribute supplement similar to Outlast

Tribute launched a new top dress and block supplement. Seems similar to Outlast to me. The top dress does also have aloe and probiotics/prebiotics.
The block is seaweed calcium and alfalfa middlings.
I’ve gotten a block and Danny seems okay regulating on it. I like the idea of it overnight for my ulcery boy.

Interested on COTH wisdom and thoughts.

Here’s the spec sheets:

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Interesting, thanks!

I’ll be watching this. My guys get Outlast; I have seen the ads for this product.

I’m really interested in this as well. I’m feeding Outlast, but it seems like the price keeps going up where I am and if the Tribute Comfort Care just as good and has more like hind gut support than Outlast I just might make the switch.

I did get the block to my horses, but they just stand there and inhale it and I have to limit the amount of time they have access the block. Apparently is delicious! Maybe it will be less excited after a while.

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