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New ugly duckling yearling you are hiding behind the barn thread

Please excuse the duplicate post, I accidentally resurrected a thirteen year old thread while searching for pencil necked yearlings so I am starting a new one. I thought that I was posting to trot trot pumpkin’s post from this year, unfortunately, I was posting to a thread from thirteen years ago. In honor of that very amusing thread, let’s see your hairy ugly awkward yearlings that you grimace when you see in the viewfinder. I did not breed this little guy but purchased him from his breeder at five months old. Here he is at eight months old, this is the “oh no, what did I buy?” Stage:

This is at ten months, solidly into the yak stage:

And here he is at thirteen months, no longer quite as much of a yak but now part of the pencil neck club:

Take into account that these are the very best update pictures sent by his loving breeder so you know she got much worse angles of him! Anyone want to play “who has the most awkward yearling?”


No photos, but folks see the young ones in the field, ask if we bought some Standardbreds for our driving hobby?! These are Cleveland Bay Partbreds who take a long time to finally grow up.
They do look quite gawky, with long legs, pencil necks, uneven growth as they get older. They are shiny though!

You just have to laugh as they go thru the stages.


Ok but post mature photos, too! We gawkers want to see the swan that finally emerged. :grin:


Mine has stayed fairly balanced looking… so far….

5 months

7 months

9 months

12 months

13 months

15 months


BWP- I dont think yours counts as awkward- beautiful at every stage!


Colton, aka The Thin Man

and here he is a couple of weeks ago, all grown up …working as a calm escort for a youngster i took to my lesson.


This is mine. People are amazingly critical when they’re babies.


But look how nicely his neck comes out of the top of his shoulder and how nice and straight his legs are- looks like a lovely yearling!

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Wow, Colton definitely grew up! That’s one of those ‘are you sure this is the same horse?’ grow-ups. I didn’t realize at first in the video – “that’s Colton”. :smile:

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lol… my coach gets a kick out of it too. She tells folks who watch us ride how both his front legs used to come out of the same place. He now has a big muscular beautiful chest.

I knew the moment i saw him that he was an ugly duckling and there was real beauty in there…