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Newby question: are there places in Kentucky (or other horsey places) that have recip mares and will raise the foal until its 2 or 3

I’m on the west coast and there don’t seem to be many options. Thank you in advance

Maybe try Select Breeders Services in MD-- I know they have recipient mares and foal thrm out and could probably recommend someone locally if they don’t do longterm board.

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Kentucky is–mostly–all about Thoroughbreds. The breed doesn’t allow anything other than live cover, followed by mares carrying their own foals to term.

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Maybe try Equine Medical Services in Missouri? I bet they either provide foal raising or know who does. They do a ton of ET/ICSI, etc.

I’d tend to go East Coast and use Hilltop for foal raising. First rate operation.

Kentucky is also about Standardbreds, and other breeds, so I’m sure there would be someplace available.

Did you try googling Kentucky equine reproduction and seeing if any of the businesses (mostly vets) that come up could give you referrals to farms that would something like this?


I was going to suggest this as well.

SBS + Hilltop would be a great option. There are a ton of smaller venues close to SBS who do young horse raising as well.

If you want Kentucky, Spy Coast may be an option.


The place I have my mares and foals in north GA is awesome and affordable. She may have recip mares to lease, but I’m not sure. If GA is an option and you’d like her contact info, send me a PM.

In KY I would speak to Spy Coast. They are quite expensive I think but would be great care and lots of experience.

You might also reach out to some of the vets like Rood and Riddle and see if they have any clients they can recommend that would do that.

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and 38 other breeds

Kentucky Equine: Inventory, Value, and Breed, by Selected Counties, July 1, 2012

Have you talked to Alamo Pintado in the Santa Ynez area? I am sure they could help you out.

There are certainly breeders in multiple places in California that would happily board your weanling through three year old who I think would raise them up right, even if they weren’t the places with the recipient mares.


On West Coast, DG Bar would be a good option too.


Hilltop Farm has are very comprehensive young horse program, and they are well established. Yours have to ship there, but that’s a one-time expense.

You could also check out DG Bar in Ca. Very good young horse program.

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https://www.jmequinemanagement.com/ in Buellton, CA (SYV) has a big herd of recip mares. Lots of ranches available for board in the area.


While I do not operate a private herd, I do raising services here for both fillies and colts. You are more than welcome to reach out.