"Newer" Liquid Gut Supplements

I ordered Gut X also, started feeding it yesterday morning. Miss maresy wasn’t happy and let me know by not cleaning up her breakfast. But, she did clean up overnight. I gave one squirt this morning and again, she didn’t clean up. I’m not worried (yet) as she is pretty good about eating whatever I put in her feed, but I would still like her to eat it all at once.

It took my gelding a few days to agree that it wasn’t going to kill him, and now he eats even 2 pumps right up when it is just poured on his feed.

My stallion didn’t even appear to notice the addition of Gut-X. He’s about 5 days into the loading dose.

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I have a pony on the maintenance dose of Vitalize Alimend right now after reading the studies on these ingredients, and it made WOW!! levels of difference in her. Before VA she was so jumpy and anxious she, for example, broke the crossties because I petted her shoulder, and after VA she became cuddly, calm and relaxed with a soft eye, to the point that everyone in the barn was commenting on how big of a change it was. I saw a big improvement within 24 hours of starting it, and continued gradual behavior improvement over the next week (it’s been almost 3 weeks at this point).

The big question for me is whether it’s actually helping to heal the ulcers as the studies indicate CAN happen, or whether it’s just making her feel better. We did a round of Nexium before this that definitely made her feel better, but didn’t heal the ulcers as her symptoms came back within a month of tapering off.

My other pony that I don’t think has ulcers hasn’t really changed on VA, FWIW.

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I am trying Gutx after seeing it recommended on Luna tunes website. It’s too soon to say if it works. I love that my horse is getting HA too. Has anyone noticed improved soundness too?

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Not liquid, but has anyone tried the lecithin plus apple pectin combination? There has been some promising research… I would like to get my mare off of PPIs, but am not sure what to try.

Just thought I’d add an update. My horse has been on gastrogard and sucralfate for 28 days, and I added Gut-X about a week-10 days ago. He was rescoped today and the glandular and pyloric region look beautiful, but there are still some small, active ulcers in the non-glandular region. So he’s back on gastrogard and sucralfate for 28 days along with the Gut-X.


Had my horse scoped on January 28th - diagnosis was Grade 2 non-glandular ulcers and moderate glandular ulcers. Did 28 days of Gastrogard (1 tube/day) and sucralfate (3x/day) plus GutX (1 pump am/pm). Horse was rescoped February 25th - diagnosis was normal stomach, all ulcers healed.

I obviously have no idea whether it was the Gastrogard, sucralfate, GutX, or some combination of the three that was so effective in healing the ulcers so quickly. But the vet did seem a little (pleasantly) surprised that the ulcers were completely gone.

Horse was on G.U.T. prior to getting scoped. I’ve discontinued giving that since it clearly didn’t prevent him from developing ulcers. I am planning to continue the GutX - it’ll be interesting to see whether the occasional colicky symptoms this horse had in the past (even on the G.U.T.) reappear or not.


my experioence with ulcers. I had a very grumpy mare who bucked me off twice(very unusual and extremely big Fyou bucks.) i had kissing spine x rays done which were clear and started treating with gastrogard-attitude improved a little but not enough so I had her scoped after the 30 days of gastrogard. she had healing squamous ulcers, a large glandular ulcer and severe pyloric ulcers. we kept her on gstrogard for two more weeks, added misoprostol and I added loading dose of gutx when I found it online. 30 days later she only has two pyloric ulcers(70% healed) and everything else is healed. Attitude is 1000% better. she is on misoprostol for another 30 days and I will keep her on gutx for life. I have heard pyloric ulcers can take up to 6 months to heal and she had ulcers around the entire pylorus. I firmly believe misoprostol and gutx worked together to heal her so quickly.


For those of you in boarding barn situations, how are you feeding the GutX? Just asking the feeders to do 1-2 pumps? Premaking syringes? Other brilliant ideas??

My feeds are bagged and I make up a week’s worth of feeds every Sunday. So I bought tiny tupperware containers (~1/4 cup maybe) and added the right amount Gut-X for each feed. Then I put the tupperware in the bag with the feed and the barn staff just dump in onto the feed when they put it in his bucket.


Oh, that’s a great idea!

I saw somewhere that GutX is a little thick/sticky — do you note a good bit of residual in the cups or does most of it dump out into the feed?

It is super thick and sticky so most ends up on the feed but there is definitely a fair amount of residual left in the cups. Once you’ve used them once, I just add the dose I want and figure the residual will just stay the same and the horse is still getting what I what him to get!

I just have the guys do a pump into the feed. I make a week at a time worth of baggies of the (dry) supplements but figured the GutX would either dry out or all stick to the inside of the baggie. I don’t think a quick pump once a day is too big of a pain.

I squirt right into the feed bucket. I don’t want any sticking to any container, as yes, it’s a big gooey.

Yes, I am feeding Lecithin and Apple Pectin after reading an article on HorseTalk. My mare was treated for ulcers in the fall so I am looking for ways to prevent them from coming back once we start trailering and foxhunting.

Where are you getting these, and how much do you feed?

(I’m trying Gut-X first, when my mare is off her latest round of Gastrogard, because I already have it. But am always interested in other options.)

I bought the Pectin and Lecithin on Amazon. Dr. Getty recommends feeding 1/2 cup of the lecithin granules and 2 tablespoons of pectin up to twice a day. I’m feeding it 1x/day. I’m also feeding 2 oz of Papaya purée. When I can get Papaya at Costco, I just cut it up and add it her meal. She won’t eat papaya as a treat, but she will eat it when mixed in. She gets beet pulp, a ration balancer and Purina Outlast.

I started GutX about 4 days ago so it’s too soon to say if it’s working. But, my picky eater is clearing his bucket (I also seem to have finally found him a soy free feed that he’s willing to eat since he’s decided that alfalfa pellets were no longer edible). The first night he was a little perturbed by the goop in his feed but his bucket was empty by morning so it couldn’t have been that bad.

I don’t think my guy currently has ulcers but he’s ulcer prone. We did 3 months of ulcergard last spring after 2 months of Nexium before he finally scoped clean. He’s been on succeed which keeps him happy, but recently decided he can’t eat it. He’s had extra smelly and soft manure since I got him. The last two days it’s appeared normal. Not getting ahead but maybe this product could help?

I will say after I placed my order GutX reached out immediately to asked about my horses and provided dosing advice and offer nutrition advice. A lot of our problems are based around a soy allergy/intolerance (he is so uncomfortable on soy and has colic like episodes after each meal plus acts like he has ulcers—soy free is so important for this horse), but I really appreciated their customer service!


My 5yo TB was just diagnosed with glandular ulcers via scope. We started misoprostol on Friday and GutX yesterday. Will see how it goes - rescoping in 30 days.

A representative from GutX also reached out to me within 24 hours of placing my order, offering help and advice from their nutritionist if I wanted it. I was really impressed with the customer service. Shipping speed was great too. Ordered on Wednesday, received on Saturday.