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Nice little Christmas gift for hunting

Last year my husband gave me a wool Buff. For those of you who haven’t seen the Buff, it’s a long tube of fabric that you can wear around your neck to keep warm & keep wind out, or pull up around your head like a head band or a scarf or even a hat. They’re popular with motorcyclists, and we’ve found that lots of motorcycle gear also is useful to equestrians. The wool is super for winter, lightweight and warm. But the one I have is bright blue.

So this year, Buff added a cream colored wool Buff:
and I immediately though this would be perfect for hunting…either under your stock tie, or in place of it if your hunt is somewhat less formal.

I hope I’ve helped you scratch a couple of names off your list now :slight_smile:


I have several polar fleece versions like this (not quite as long). I couldn’t make it through winter without!

I have colors to match my scarlet coat, to match the hunt’s colors on my navy coat and this year our hunt is ordering white ones with the logo embroidered on it, to be able to wear over a stock tie.

Oh, OK, I was wondering what a “Buff” was. It’s a neck gaiter.
I think I’d prefer a fleece one. Less scratchy!

I haven’t found my wool Buff to be scratchy, but they do make a fleece version as well. And in 2020 it can double as a face mask!

A couple of years ago I got 2 yards of white polar fleece, cut it to be stock ties and gave it for gifts. So easy! Warm! Kinda hard to pin but worth it.

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´Buff’ makes a very nice wool one as mentioned above. Not scratchy at all, and warmer than polar fleece. I find wool much better than any synthetic material. These Buffs ( neck gaiters) are long, so they can actually come up under your helmet to keep your ears warm. I have two and use them for skiing and riding. I second this suggestion!!

Wonderful! A buff Buff!

And can still be used for its traditional purpose if needed (and hopefully won’t be).

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