No Bartville 2021 Catalog?

Not sure if there’s anyone left here that still shops Bartville Harness, but I was just looking and my last catalog from them is the 2020, which came in Fall '19… Did they send out a 2021 catalog? Maybe I just didn’t get one this time around?

I ordered from them last October and they sent a 2020 catalogue .

Ask them ?

Does anyone have a good way to contact Bartville? They were repairing a saddle for my relative that should be done by now. She has been calling and leaving messages for two weeks with no answer or reply. She has also tried messaging them on FB already. Any suggestions??

We generally always go there. They are Amish owned and run and hence to not have a phone in the facility. They usually check messages andreply daily but I would not rely on phone as it is off property. I have no idea who runs their facebook page, it certainly isn’t them and I have never seen any non-Amish individuals working in the shop.

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Thank you! She is 2.5 hours away and only has one day off a week, so was hoping to avoid that.

If I’m able to get there soon - I have to get parts to replace a bridle that broke - I’ll send you a PM and can ask, if you want.

Thanks so much, that would be wonderful if the timing works out!! :smile:

You have to call them at 830 AM. Thats the only time they answer the phone.


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I just received my 2021 catalog in the mail last week. So yes, there is one and it should be available now :blush:

I got my 2021 Bartville catalog last week too.

I still haven’t gotten one, but maybe it’s on the way. Anything new in it?

Yeah! Anything new? How are the monocrowns looking?

I’ve only glanced through it and didn’t see anything new, but since you mentioned something I will definitely take a closer look and report back

Ok, new item so saw:

they offered new leather color options.

A nice tote purse line

Some cool fashion bracelets

I didn’t see monocrown options

I’m curious if they would be able to make a spider noseband