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No Four-In-Hand Driving stories?

After the first day of dressage, USA has James Fairclough in 11th with 2 drivers tomorrow.

Hopefully we will do well in a tough competition.

Im assuming the Driving stories will start with completion of dressage tomorrow…

Driving stories

There’s one from yesterday here and one from today coming soon. Chester Weber did awesome today!!

oh my goodness - can that Austrian team in Jaffer’s photo even see?!?!

Hey guys! Driving dressage coverage is up on chronofhorse.com!!! And an American driver is winning, so go check it out–story and photos! Molly

woo-hyoo…I downhloaded the team results and the USA is in FIRST PLACE!!

I realize that this is just the dressage phase, but…WOO-HOO!

and Chester Weber is in individual first…

1st and 5th and 11th!!!


I know it’s the first phase but this is great!!!

haha that might be the point! ear beanies are all the rage amongst the drivers these days.

it could be very exciting for the USA, the technical marathon definitely suits our drivers…

I know the US isn’t always known for a strong driving team - I think this is great!!

I’m still marveling over a 15m circle with a 4-in-hand (I can’t do one well riding :smiley: )

I’ve seen combined driving but only singles and pairs - wish I could see a competition with 4. (Got to help scribe for dressage and that was great fun… the judge I worked with was wonderful and by the end of the day was quite chatty with the teams and the differences between ridden and driven dressage).

Hooray for streaming video

Been up since 4AM :eek: watching the drivers go cross county. I’m amazed – these turnouts are even better color coordinated then endurance riders – especially the team all in lime green, including their bell boots. So cool!! And these drivers are putting in incredible performances through the hazards … opps, I mean “obsticles”. Brilliant to watch. Just brilliant!

Only saw one overturn (team retired) and two (or three?) leaders split on a pole and have to be backed and turned and twisted and reversed and then straighted the right way within inches – and then charge forward once again. These horses are beyond incredible – beautifully trained and obedient.

Great watching!


Missed it all, but it looks like it must have been a pretty dramatic marathon day for the USA… Can’t wait for reports!

Germans 1st, Dutch 2 in the team competition. US is in Team 5th or 6th. A Dutchman was first today in the individual.

Nearest US drivers were 18th and 20th. Fairclough was the drop score again.

At this WEG, Jane Clark isn’t getting much for her money with Fairclough.

Must just add that ‘a Dutchman in first’ is Ysbrand Chardon, the current World Champion.


Brief Blurb on “Jill’s Journal” on www.caaonline.com

Article posted at WEG site http://www.aachen2006.de/aktuell/2006/0901Fahren_e.htm

Nothing yet on Equisearch

and, of course its on the Chronicle site!

Chester is sitting in 7th place and the US is in 5th. CW had to replace a wheeler before the marathon which apparently slowed things down a bit for him. Tucker in 10th place is supposed to be bringing along a young team that is doing well. It said Jimmy drove with leaders who had only been together 2X. Decent, but slow marathon for him.

Chardon is always tough to beat.

Thanks for the links DNJ!!

Did anyone see the wreck where they bolted thru the dressage arena? :eek:

i wish that at least freund would have done well today. would be nice for him to get an individual medal on his way out…especially after 2004…