No longer receiving notifications

After reading a couple of old threads on this topic here in the Technical Help, could you check your junk folder and see if any notifications bounced back as undeliverable to me?

I am watching a couple of threads, haven’t received any notifications for the past few days, and the threads have been quite active.

I should clarify that when I say I am not receiving notifications, they are the ones that are forwarded to my email.

It is most likely not a problem on COTH’s end as I am also having a problem with my Outlook email account. Just wanted to be sure things are okay here before I talk to email support tomorrow.


I can’t personally see what messages have been bounced back, but I sent an inquiry to the developers. I can see that there are some emails that have not been delivered, but I don’t have access to seeing the actual messages on my end.

Sorry for the trouble!

I appreciate that because just now I got an email from Microsoft saying they are closing my help request. They apparently cannot help.

@Moderator I just wanted to let you know that I am now receiving notifications sent to my email.

Thank the software people for me.

Fantastic – thanks for letting us know!

@Moderator_1 Well, I spoke too soon. After getting a huge batch of emails, they stopped again. I am no longer getting any notifications.

I am letting it go. No need to let the software people know.

Right now, any click will get me randomly where I clicked or who knows where, to some other post or thread or even only half the page loads, the bottom half is white?

Crazy to try to read anything when you can’t get to it to read it.

One page gave me a notice that they are conducting scheduled maintenance right now.

That explains why things are working so strangely.

Everything seems to be working again, thanks! :star_struck:

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