No Matchy Matchy for Me

Anyone else have problems with LeMieux’s color collections really not matching?

I bought some LeMieux fleece lined brushing boots back in January in the color Mulberry. I bought them from LeMieux and had them imported as they were sold out in the US. They came in looking like the picture - very rich dark maroon/purple color.

I recently bought a saddle pad supposedly in the same color and it’s drastically lighter - like a dark fuscia pink instead of dark maroon. Looking around on both LeMieux’s web site and other sellers, the saddle pads look like they should be same UNLESS you get an “real” picture of it on a horse in natural lighting, then it’s obviously a dark pink. I found youtube videos showing one of the satin saddle pads with my boots in the same lighting and they look reasonably close to one another but this pad (one of the suede ones) is so far off that it’s jarring - my maroon back on track pads match better.

So, anyone else run into this problem with LeMieux color lines? If so, did they take them back?

Interesting! I wonder if they do dye lots? My daughter had a pad in the color I called “the tangerine dream”, plus a shirt & halter in olive with tangerine accents. The shades all matched to my eye. Wonder if it’s an issue with just the mulberry? That stinks either way. It’s a nice color. Thought about buying a dressage pad in it.

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I’ve heard more than one complaint regarding colors not matching on some of the FB groups.