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No more ability to look at the user list?

? Any way to look at users the way we used to be able to?

On the top right of the forum, select the menu (in between the search icon and your avatar). Choose users. On that page it will show user activity between certain dates. Click the dates and choose All Time. This at least gives you a list of everybody, but annoyingly you can only sort by certain categories. There doesn’t appear to be a way to get alphabetical order, for example, or to sort by join date.

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What Furlong said!

But you can easily find people if you have a reasonable idea of their user name. Like most things here, if you start typing in their user name it will start sorting the list as you type.

Example of what I mean, you can see that I started typing amb and the lists shorted to all the names that start with amb.

Now I just wish I had an idea of what some of those headings actually meant.
Replies? Is that individual replies?
Viewed? Is that unique threads viewed or how many times a user opened any thread?
Read? Is that individual posts read or threads read or…?

What I liked was a look at new users. Oh well. 8 guess nor.