No more TVG

Wonder how long it’ll last before daily racing is completely off the schedule…

boy, I used to watch them all the time. But then they started losing venues to FOX and NBCSport and I pretty much quit watching. I have since then almost stopped watching racing altogether. This is sad since I have only missed ONE Derby since 1965.

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Oh great. More televised cornhole and low level boxing. I hope they start broadcasting football. We don’t get nearly enough football.


I haven’t watched TVG in years. We subscribe to RTN TV which has pretty much total racing coverage. For $15 a month (other packages are available) we get live streaming of nearly every U.S. track as well as many in AUS, U.K., and Puerto Rico. (At the moment they’re streaming more than 20 tracks.)

Coverage starts when each track opens for the day and ends when it closes. You get to see the paddock, the post parade, the warm-up, the race and then the winner’s circle–all with live on-track commentary. Race replays are available, even from years earlier. For a serious racing fan, it gives you almost everything you could want.

Racetrack Television Network - Home Page (


I dunno, the viewership of Australian racing late at night cant be huge so might be a survival move to diversify into other sports easily wagered on here in the USA. It is betting that runs the sports world today, not casual entertainment for non bettors. Watch and Wager format gives them a piece of the action.

Sounds like they will still cover racing, just not exclusively.

Their main income is from the betting apps/sites, so I can see why they want to broaden that market. Still…
A lot of the tracks now have livestreams via YouTube and other media.

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RTN has been a life saver. Though I appreciate what NYRA has done with FS2, sometimes the talking heads become a little more than I care to listen to and the track feeds are much more peaceful.