No, that's not me

This is weird. I received a notification that someone had quoted my in a post on a thread that I know I’ve never posted on. When I clicked on the notification, it took me to a post in which someone who is not me had been quoted.

Report it to the mods. Flag the individual post so they can find it.

Apparently there might be a COTH problem that posts are appearing under the wrong poster name? I can’t imagine how that could happen, but apparently at least one case so far is documented.

The post itself is perfectly normal. My name does not appear in it at all. It’s a post by User A in which a post by User B is quoted, in a discussion in which I have not participated in any way.

But, I received a notification as if I was the one who was quoted rather than User B.

@NoSuchPerson Could you please send me a link to the post in question? I’ve requested help from the developers on a similar issue, so this situation may be related.

Thank you!

ETA: I think I found it. I’ll forward the information to them now. Thank you!


This will happen in a few different scenarios, example:
If I quote the above (posted by you) in a draft but then I close my draft window and go to another thread and hit reply there. It will pull up my quote to you. I have noticed even if I delete it, it still notifies the user.

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I believe I have an explanation for @beowulf’s example.

If you start to compose a reply while you’re in a thread and then move to a different thread, the system will keep your reply available to post wherever you go. You should see a pop-up however, to give you a choice to post it to the original thread or to the one you’re now in.

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Yup, you get that pop up, but I believe the notification bug is a caching error. It will say something like “draft is currently open in another window, do you want to discard?” and even if you hit yes, you’ll still get a bug sometimes.

Ah, got it – thanks for the clarification.

Some of these little more glitchy type issues, I hope will be automatically addressed when we update our software. The current focus is on a soon-to-be-released update to the Chronicle’s main site, and then the Forums will be the focus after that.

Thank you for the information!